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Blue Sweets

Are you looking for blue sweets for an event, wedding, birthday or christening party? Well you have come to the right place as One Pound Sweets has loads of blue sweets available from only £1 a bag.

Blue is often used for weddings as it matches the brides white dress and often the grooms have blue suits on as this seems to be the trendy colour at the moment.

And of course having these coloured sweets makes a perfect gift if somebody you know and love has just had a little baby boy and you want to add something blue into a hamper or present you are making.

Nowadays sweets tend to have less or no E numbers in them as in the 80s and 90s blue sweets would be filled with these and send some kids mental after eating a couple of Smarties, but not anymore.

We stock many bubblegum flavoured sweets along with bonbons, pencil cables and spogs which all are blue in colour and you can get these in 100g bags for only £1.

Blue Sweets For Weddings or Parties

Blue sweets are a very popular choice for weddings, birthday parties or events and as we have all our sweets from only £1 a bag it makes it very cheap and easy to buy. Simply select the quantities you want and you can enter promo code BING10 for 10% off your order.

Some of our popular blue sweets include fizzy bubblegum bottles.

Check out our full range of sweets and if there is a particular one you really really want and we do not have in to stock just yet please contact us as we can probably source it for you and give you a cheeky discount on it too!

If you require blue sweets in bulk then we can get you larger pack sizes than we have on our website simply send us a message via the contact page. There are hundreds of options to choose from and we can usually get whatever sweets you require within 7 days notice. Whether you need jelly, boiled, chewy or foamy sweets they will all taste amazing and most will work for party and wedding sweets if you are building your own treat table.

Do not pay over the odds for your tasty treats you can get all ours for only £1 per bag and most are in big 150g + pack sizes. If you are building a treat table then you will probably only need around 5 bags to make up a sweet jar so spending £30 will get you 30 bags of sweets and this will fill 6 jars – more than enough for a small party such as a Christening or baby shower.

Blue is often associated with boys, however in this modern world it can of course be used for girls parties too. If you are a football fan then blue makes the perfect colour for Manchester City (best team), Chelsea or Everton themed events or if you are having an ocean themed party blue will of course work here too.

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