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Halloween Sweets & Treats - Trick or Treat Gifts For Kids and Loads Of Spooky Sweet Delights!

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Halloween Sweets & Treats - Trick or Treat Gifts For Kids and Loads Of Spooky Sweet Delights!

Halloween is a strange time of year when people dress up as ghosts and ghouls, go round to strangers houses and asks for sweets. It is everything we have been told not to do rolled into one – but we love it and it is a great seasonal holiday to celebrate.

If you are having a halloween party then you need bucket fulls of halloween sweets and treats to give to your guests and any trick or treaters who may come knocking.

We stock a wide range of halloween themed sweets, but these are only in stock around September to November so if you are looking for halloween sweets in June you are not going to find many.

However we do have some sweets from our all year round range which are perfect for halloween parties as they are in some way related. We have chocolate skulls, fizzy worms, chewy rats and snakes and many more spooky themed sweets.

As all our sweets start at only £1 a bag there is no better place to shop than with One Pound Sweets as you can get so much more for your money. Grabbing a  bag of sweets for £1 will be one of the lowest prices you will be able to find and much better value than many other online sweet shops.

Some of our popular halloween sweets include the classic Dracula teeth and white mice snack packs which are great for giving to trick or treaters. We usually also stock a wide range of non £1 price point items such as full jars of Dobson lollies, big tubs of spooky treats along with a large selection of treacle toffee.

We love this time of year and we try and get as many treats in stock as we possibly can as we know kids and grown ups also love it and want to indulge in as much candy as possible. If you are having a halloween party and are looking for sweets in bulk then get in touch with us and we can give you a discount when you order over a certain amount.

You can find everything you need and want in our online shop, but if you would like a specific halloween sweet and we do not stock it please send us an email and we can see if we can get these in for you, as who knows they might be spookily good sellers!

So order your halloween sweets now – and make sure you leave enough time for delivery.

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