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Banana Flavoured Sweets

Are you looking for banana flavoured or banana shaped sweets for a birthday party, wedding, event or christening? Well you have come to the right place as One Pound Sweets sells them all and prices start at just £1 a bag.

Banana flavoured sweets are generally banana shaped, kind of a giveaway isn’t it.. however there are some other sweets which taste of banana such as pencils and cables.

If you want banana shaped sweets, and why wouldn’t you, then these are easy to find and we have a few different varieties of these in stock. You can make up a really cool tropical fruit sweet hamper for a birthday present by having lots of different shaped and flavoured sweets in from around the world – we stock loads so have a look and see what you can create.

Not everyone likes banana flavoured sweets however – even if they like bananas there is something about the texture of some of the sweets which puts people off – however if you do have a need for them then we can help.

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