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Easter Sweets & Gifts

Easter is one of the best times of the year for sweet lovers, it is basically a better version of Christmas as all you get is chocolate and sweets rather than jumpers and socks.

We stock a wide range of Easter sweets and chocolates, but not Easter eggs – you can get these for £1 from Tesco and we can not compete so we don’t bother…

We do however stock a range of mini eggs such as Cadbury Creme Eggs as these are just too delicious not to have lying around the office.

Easter is the perfect time of year to give sweet and chocolates to the people you love, in fact it is frowned upon by most children if they do not have at least 10 eggs to open, possibly even more!

Along with chocolate eggs we have a range of sweets jars and sweet gifts that can be give to those fussy kids or adults to don’t like chocolate. Though in our eyes if someone doesn’t like chocolate there is something seriously wrong with them…

Our Easter range is of course seasonal so if we have an empty page the it must be July or something so come back in January.

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