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White Sweets

Are you looking for white sweets for an event, wedding, christening or birthday party? Well you have come to the right place as we have loads of white coloured sweets available and from only £1 a bag.

White sweets are a very popular choice for wedding favours as they match the bride’s dress (that is if the bride doesn’t wear a green or pink dress or something totally different.)

A lot of these types of sweets are chocolate and we have white buttons, skull crushers, toffee bonbons and many more which match the colour you are looking for.

Many of the white sweets we sell also have a little bit of pink in them – most of the marshmallow products do as the colour seems to match perfectly – so again they are ideal for wedding favours or to have on a wedding sweet buffet.

All of the bags of sweets in our store start at just £1 per bag and we can offer bulk discount if you are wanting to buy loads of them for a wedding or party or an event – so please get in touch.

We can also get in any other white coloured sweets we do not normally stock as long as one of our suppliers has these items. So if you want a particular sweet we do not sell let us know and we can see if we can order it especially for you – we also give you a nice discount on bulk orders too.

We are adding new products to the website each week so our range will increase and as white sweets are one of our most popular colours we will always try and increase our range of these. These often have a toffee or white chocolate flavour so they are some of the most popular products we sell.

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