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Fudging Delicious!

Are you looking for beer flavoured or beer bottle shaped sweets for a birthday party, wedding, event or christening? Well you have come to the right place as One Pound Sweets sells them all and prices start at just £1 a bag.

There are not many beer flavoured sweets on the market – as it is not something that you want to promote to children is it – however the few product that are our there are super delicious and really do taste like the real thing.

Pint Pots are one of our best selling products and this is because of 2 reasons. They are super tasty as the beer flavour really comes through and also because you can not usually get these from supermarkets so they are a little bit more specialised.

Beer flavoured sweets can be bought in bags that start at just £1 for 100g or you can supersize and get 250g for only £2 which is a great deal. Plus postage is only £1 no matter if you order 1 bag or 10000000 bags – we prefer the later of course!

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