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Sweet Tubs

One Pound Sweets is one of the biggest online sweet shops and we stock hundreds of products which are £1 and we also stock loads of sweet tubs – which are not £1 but are great value at only £6 each.

Sweet tubs are great if you are having a wedding, party or giving them as presents as everyone loves receiving some tasty treats and as these come in factory sealed tubs with proper stickers etc they are a low cost gift idea.

We stock over 60 different tubs of sweets from big names such as Haribo and Swizzels. Our Haribo sweet tubs are especially popular – the rhubarb and custard one is our best seller! The bosses favourite is Swizzels milk bottles – he can smash a whole tub of 600 sweets in about an hour easily!

Haribo Sweet Tubs

We stock the full range of Haribo sweet tubs and they are most of our top sellers. Each tub is only £6 and they contain from 125 to 600 sweets inside depending on what the sweets are.

We sell the sweet tubs at the recommend retail price of £6 as in most cases you get 600 1p sweets inside – hence the £6 price. However you can save 5, 10 or 15% on these tubs with various promotion codes we have so make sure you hunt them out as you can then get up to 75p off each tub.

We have loads of Haribo sweet tubs in stock including giant cola bottles, giant straws, turtles, rotella and starfish. In fact there are loads of choose from it is very hard to decide which ones to buy – why not work your way through the whole range….

Sweet Tubs For Weddings

If you are having a wedding and are creating your own sweet table – as many people do these days – ten these sweet tubs are ideal. We have several varieties which are perfect for wedding sweet tables such as Haribo rings, Haribo heart throbs, Swizzles milk bottles and many more.

These sweet tubs are great for weddings as you can buy 6-10 tubs and then put them in your own jars and each tub will usually fill a good size jar. This makes it very cost effective in comparison with hiring out a sweet cart which can be upwards of £300 to £400!

We always have fresh stock in and the dates are very long but if you are getting married we recommend buying your sweet tubs in around 8-10 weeks before. Don’t buy them 12 months before as for 1 they may be out of date before hand, 2 you will forget about them and end up buying more and 3 you will probably eat them on at the end of drunken night out!

Sweet Tubs For Presents

If you have a kids birthday party or any sort of event then these sweet tubs are ideal as presents as they are already factory sealed and look professional. If you have no idea what to get somebody but you know they love sweets then these tubs are perfect! Nobody is going to be upset if they receive a big tub of sweets – they may even become your new best friend!

Kids love these and they work perfectly for Christmas stocking fillers – though will need a big stocking – or if you are on the Christmas Eve box bandwagon then these are also great little present to get.

We don’t have any special birthday or Christmas tubs at the moment but we recommend Haribo Rhubarb and Custards or Heart Throbs as these seem to be our best sellers. Other than that the Swizzels fried eggs and cola bottles also go down well with kids and adults alike.


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