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One Pound Sweets - The Home Of Retro Sweets & Chocolate

One Pound Sweets is an online sweet shop selling all your childhood favourites from a low price of just £1 per bag. We have almost everything you can ever wish for in stock from parma violets, bonbons, fruit salads & black jacks.

If you used to rush home from school and race to the corner shop to spend your left over dinner money on 1p chews or a 10p wham bar, then this is the website for you. We stock all the classic retro sweets from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.

We founded the website because of a serious addition to sweets and all things chocolate, and we knew the Great British public felt the same. So we decided to offer the very best retro sweets which you remember from your childhood and bring to them to the masses at a super-affordable price.

We have nearly all our range of sweets available in 100g bags from as little as £1. This is great value and enables our customers to select a large selection of goodies without breaking the bank.

Everyone has their favourite, the bosses are Haribo Rhubarb and Custard, he insists on trying a few from each batch for “quality” but really we all know what his game is! If your favourites such to be strawberry bonbons sweets, or how about classic kola kubes, or pear drops, or chewing nuts – we have them all.

You can order your sweets from our website via a secure checkout and have them delivered to your door within a few days. This means you could be thinking about sweets on a Monday lunch time and by Wednesday you can be sat on your sofa wondering which of the 20 bags you are going to eat first! – And which you are going to hide from the kids too..

We also stock a range of sweet jars and gifts that are perfect for events such as Mother’s or Father’s Day, Easter, Halloween and of course Christmas.

So if you are looking to indulge in some retro-sugary goodness then please browse the website, choose your favourite sweets and chocolates, add them to your shopping bag and complete your order. We accept all major card payments as well as PayPal so it has never been easier to order some naughty treats.

There are hundreds of online sweet shops springing up ever since lockdown but most of these are run from home and are not compliant with health and safety laws. We run our online business from a new huge 6000 sqft warehouse in Stoke on Trent and have a large team of pickers, packers and admin staff who work super hard to get your orders out as fast as possible.

We have grown over the past 2 years to become one of the most reviewed online stores and have thousands of reviews on our Facebook and Google business pages. This means you can be assured of quality products and quality service. We post out thousands of orders every week and have an average review score of 4.9 out of 5.

So if you are looking to buy some sweets then you will find everything you need on our website, checkout easily and securely and then have the parcel delivered to your door super fast.

Plus, because you have read all this info we can give you a little discount on your order too – why not use promo code ‘sneaky15’ for 10% off your order when you spend £15 or more on sweets – we cannot say fairer than that can we?

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Do you sell a quarter of sweets?

The traditional way to buy sweets from a sweet shop back in the 50s,60s,70s,80s and even 90s was to get ‘a quarter of’, this was 1/4 of a pound in old fashioned weighing methods.

A quarter of a pound or a half pound measure was the most typical requests for any shop keeper and this was the standard method of weighing out your tasty treats. This was the way to do it right up till the late 90s when we all went metric.

Due to the dam EU we all went metic in this meant that you could no longer sell aquarterof sweets anymore and everything went into 100g / 200g weigh outs instead and this killed off a quarter of sweets sadly.

Most of our bags of sweets are in 100g, 150g or 200g bags depending on the brand we sell. We do not hand pack any bags anymore they are all pre packed by the manufacturer so we are at the mercy of what they decide is the right weight for the £1 price point.

A lot of sweets are now 150g for £1 however some of the branded chocolate lines are now as low as 79g for £1 – due to the price of cocoa and sugar going up and up.

Sadly we can not sell aquarterof sweets anymore however we do sell bigger sized bags sweets for £1 so actually we are often better value than if you bought from your local market stall. By buying direct from the maker we are able to get great deals and we can pass these cost savings on to you buy offering sweets such as Haribo at £1 price point all year round!

A quarter of sweets which is 113g in new money was an easy way to weigh out treats on the old fashioned scales as this was the unit of measurements they used. Our director used to run an old fashioned sweet shop in the early 00s and had a classic old fashioned scale in the shop.

Can I Get My Candy Delivered?

We are an online store so getting your candy delivered to you is no problem for us as all orders are sent in the post via Hermes and generally arrive within 5 days of ordering.

Loads of websites are springing up offering sweet delivery services and most are run from home and do not last very long. One Pound Sweets is a serious player in the online confectionary business and getting candy delivered to your door is our only job.

Our website works like any other such as Handy Candy or Next, you browse the site, add the sweets you want to buy to your online shopping basket and then visit the checkout page. Once you are at the checkout page you can select which address you want your sweets delivery to go to and then pay via PayPal or card payment. We then receive your order and get it ready for delivery and few days later your candy delivered as arrived.

You can be assured that your online sweets delivery will be picked and packed super fast and get to you safe and sound. We currently have over 8000 customer reviews and have had over 85,000 orders so we should know what we are doing by now.

If you are looking for The Sweet Store that offers best prices, top quality sweets and unbelievable service then you have found the right website. We live and breath sweets – in fact I am eating a Cadbury Medley chocolate bar right now as I write this load of text, which you are not really supposed to read it is just to help our SEO and get us to the top of Google for as many key phrases as possible. If you have read all the way down here then you are a bloody legend and deserve a prize – here is 15% off – using code MARKET15 on the shopping cart page.

Loads of The Sweet Stores have opened up recently and we do not mind this as there are thousands of customers wanting to buy sweets online everyday and we can not supply them all. So whether you buy sweets from Retro Sweet Shop, Treasure Island Sweets, Amazon, eBay or any other online sweet shop we hope you enjoy your purchase – but maybe next time you should buy from One Pound Sweets instead!!

Pick and Mix Sweets Delivered – Pick n Mix Sweet Shop

So do you sell pick and mix? This is a question we get asked quiet a lot and to be honest we do not sell pick and mix sweets in the traditional large pouches that everyone else on the internet seems to sell – however we so sell hundreds of sweets and our prices work out a lot cheaper!

Pick and Mix sweet shops are basically a rip off – £14-£18 for 1kg of sweets! This is £1.40 – £1.80 per 100g, this is more expensive than most cinemas for sweets, and we all know they are a rip off too.

You can get 14 bags of Haribo each weighing 140g for £14 which means you get almost 1kg more for the same price! So please stop buying sweets from pick and mix sweet shops online as they are so expensive.

We have hundreds of treats to buy all wrapped in their own bags and sealed by the manufactures, so you know they are going to be super fresh and also free from any allergens which are not listed on the packet and also you will get the quantity you wanted.

Our tasty treats are from the biggest names in the business – Haribo, Barratts, Swizzels, Cadbury, Galaxy and many many more!

So at the moment we do not sell pick and mix sweets in the traditional form (big pouch) but you can simply make your own bag buy buying loads of different sweets from us and then tipping them in a big bowl – and you will need a big bowl as you will get twice as much!

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