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Millions Sweet Bags £1

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Millions Sweet Bags £1

Millions are those tiny little balls of joy which end up all over your floor or desk as you try to shovel as many as you can in your mouth as possible – but they are just so irresistible.

Millions may actually be one of the favourites in the One Pound Sweets office and they work out as great value for money. There are so many in a bag (probably not actually a million but pretty close) that even the small £1 bag of them lasts a very long time.

Millions come in a wide range of flavours now from strawberry, cola, raspberry and orange and we stock them all.

You can buy them in a 100g bag.  These bags will last you a long time and possibly give you jaw ache as you chew all the fruity goodness out of the little balls.

Fancy having a whole jar of Millions? Well you can also order this too from our Full Jars category page. These make great Christmas presents even if they are not the most healthy – just make sure your kids are brushing their teeth 4 or 5 times a day.

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