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Pick n Mix

Who remembers going to Woolworths on a Saturday afternoon to stock up on a huge bag of pick n mix sweets? Those were the days!

But now  you can not get pick n mix in many shops a lot of customers turn to the Internet to buy their old favourites, and here at One Pound Sweets we have a large range of sweets, which you can buy and create your own pick n mix bundle.

All our sweets are sold separately and packaged separately so we so not offer a true pick n mix experience, however if you buy 10 bags of sweets and then tip them all into a big bowl or bag, sit down and turn on Netflix you have the perfect night in.

We sell hundreds of retro sweets which you will remember from your youth including classics such as jelly babies, jazzies, wine gums, cola cubes, rainbow pencils and chocolate icy cups.

These all make the perfect pick n mix sweet bundle and work out a lot better value than when you go to the cinema – can you believe they charge around £1.99 per 100g – most of our sweets are half this price.

Cinema pick n mix is an absolute rip off, and have you noticed that they always include all the heavy sweets such as fudge, laces and big snakes! As Peter Kays says “wooooh fudge, no get the flumps, marshmallows that’s what you want!”

If you are looking for a big bag of pick n mix to tuck into with the family as you watch the latest film (probably from home now due to covid-19, we know it is rubbish), then we have a big selection. You will just have to create the pick n mix experience yourself.

If you want a lot of sweets for your money then you have come to the right place as we offer big value bags of sweets all from only £1 each. Much cheaper than the cinema, and much cheaper than a lot of other online websites, including these places that sell big pick n mix pouches.

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