Mystery £10 Gift Box


Mystery £10 gift box

Our first ever mystery sweets gift box, this is a box stuffed full to the brim with tasty treats!

You get 10 items for just £10 all boxed up in our new exclusive Traditional Candy Company branded box.

You will receive the following:

  1. Hey it’s a mystery we can’t tell you that, but you will receive 10 bags of sweets which are all valued at £1 each and will be a mixture of jelly, foamy, fizzy and fruity sweet the whole family will enjoy.

This is perfect to give as a gift to a loved one, or to buy for yourself! The box is packed full of treats and makes a really great gift idea for Christmas or a special occasion.

The boxes are made up in batches so if you buy 2 or more you may get the exact same items in each box. None of the items in the boxes are short dated or out of date and we don’t throw in random crappy sweets we can’t get rid off. These boxes feature top quality sweets everyone will enjoy.

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