Floral Gums 100g


Floral Gums – The original ones which are scented and made by Squirrel.

These floral gums have the soapy scented flavour you either love or hate.

The original and best floral gums from Squirrel these are a favourite amongst women and are great for wedding favours.

A small gummy sweet with a strange floral flavour, which is not to everyones taste, but if you do like these sweets then you are in luck as we stock the original classic variety.

Packaged in a small 100g bag but you get a lot of sweets in the pack so they will last you a while – however if you are a big fan of these we recommend buying few bags as you will be very upset when they are all gone and you have no more supplies!

These now come in our own brand Traditional Candy Co sweet bags

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