One Pound Sweets
One Pound Sweets

My order is incomplete

Oh no!! Are there missing items on your delivery?

This does not happen that often however as we process upwards of 500 orders and manually pick over 6000 items each day sometimes items can be missed or you may get the wrong item.

It may also be the case that the parcel was damaged on route and items have fallen out or been taken out before the order reached you.

If this happens then please complete the contact form below and our support team will be able to refund you or resend the items out.

We will only resend items out if there are multiple items missing or if the missing item is a large value item such as a sweet jar or sweet tub, or if you ordered a large amount of one item and did not receive the correct amount.

Please note we can not resend one bag of sweets to you as this is simple not financially viable.

Please complete the contact form below to submit a missing item support query and the support guys will be able to resolve your issue within 24 hours.