One Pound Sweets
One Pound Sweets

I have provided incorrect address on my order

If you enter an incorrect delivery address and you wish to change this you can do this by either completing the contact form below or you can complete this change in your online account.

If you are sending sweets as a gift to a different address as a one off and the delivery address is wrong then do not complete this in your online account simply email us the information via the form below and we can amend this for you.

We can not change the delivery address once we have processed the order and printed out the shipping label, so please ensure all delivery details are correct as soon as you place an order.

If you do need to change the address once the parcel has been sent it is possible for us to do this however it involves us emailing Hermes with the new details, and this is not 100% successful especially if the delivery location is hundreds of miles away.

If you change your address in your online account this DOES NOT affect current orders and will only affect FUTURE orders so please email us your correct details and we can amend it for you.