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Dobson's Mega Lollies - 4 for £1

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Dobson's Mega Lollies - 4 for £1

Joseph Dobson are one of the oldest and most well respected confectionery manufactures in the UK and we are super excited to have a big range of their products in our online retro sweet shop.

We currently stock over 20 different flavours of their famous mega lollies, with flavours ranging from toffee to candy floss there is definitely something for everyone here.

We sell these big boiled flavour packed mega lollies in packs of 4 for just £1,  or you can buy any 6 packs for just £5.

These retro lollipops are very popular in our online sweet shop and we struggle to keep up with the demand most of the time so if your favourite flavour is not in stock at the moment give it 24 hours and we should be back up to full availability again.

These Joseph Dobson Mega Lollies are one of our most popular retro sweet products and customers often buy 10 or more flavours at a time as there are so many to choose from you might as well stock up.

These lollies are great  if you having a kids party as they work really well for party bags, or if you are having a baby shower party the candy floss and marshmallow lollies are very popular too.

So grab yourself a box full of these classic retro mega lollies and you will not be disappointed. the only problem you will have is that you did not buy enough.

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