One Pound Sweets
One Pound Sweets

What Is The Queue Jump Shipping Option?

Queue Jump shipping option costs £4.50 and allows us to pick your order before other standard orders.

We can push your order to the front of the queue automatically via our new digital picking system. So if you order before 3pm on weekdays your order will in most cases be sent out the same day. Our standard order processing time can be up to 48 hours.

Queue jumping is great if you have left things to the last minute and you need the order processing quick. We will process your order first, however orders will still take between 2-4 days to arrive – and in some cases this can be longer due to issues the courier may have getting to your property.

Queue Jumping does not guarantee quicker delivery, but does guarantee your order is picked ahead of the other orders in the queue – and as we receive between 300-900 orders a day by queue jumping you can leap frog all of these orders.