Sugar Free Sweets Gift Box


Sugar Free Sweets Gift Box

Our first ever sugar free sweets gift box, this is a box stuffed full to the brim with tasty treats!

You get 12 items for just £17 all boxed up in our new exclusive Traditional Candy Company branded box.

You will receive the following:

  1. Diablo no added sugar milk chocolate bar
  2. Diablo no added sugar milk chocolate with crispy rice chocolate bar
  3. Diablo milk chocolate buttons
  4. Diablo lemon sweets
  5. Diablo cola bottles
  6. Thornes pear drops
  7. Thornes mint humbugs
  8. Thornes blackcurrant & liquorice
  9. Thornes chocolate eclairs
  10. Thornes fruit drops
  11. Thornes assorted toffees
  12. Thornes devon toffees

This is perfect to give as a gift to a loved one, or to buy for yourself! The box is packed full of treats and makes a really great gift idea for Christmas or a special occasion.

In some instances we may swap items if we have run out of stock but the items will be the same value and from the same brand (Thornes mint humbugs replaced by Thornes Spearmint Chews for example)

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