Retro Sweets Gift Box


Retro Sweets Gift Box

Our first ever retro sweets gift box, this is a box stuffed full to the brim with tasty treats!

You get 31 items for just £17 all boxed up in our new exclusive Traditional Candy Company branded box.

You will receive the following:

  1. Lions midget gems 150g bag
  2. Cola cubes 120g bag
  3. Strawberry bonbons 150g bag
  4. Rainbow drops 80g ba
  5. Icy cups 90g bag
  6. Fruit salads 100g bag
  7. Spearmint chews 120g bag
  8. Black jacks 100g bag
  9. Cadbury Old Jamaica chocolate bar 100g
  10. Caramac 3pk
  11. 2x Large flumps
  12. 2x Dobson traffic light lollies
  13. 2x Dobson tropical lollies
  14. 2x Original refresher bars
  15. 2x Wham bars
  16. 2x Drumstick bars
  17. 1x Candy watch
  18. 1x Giant Love heart roll
  19. 1x Parma violet roll
  20. 1x Original hubba bubba
  21. 1x Chewits strawberry
  22. 2x Highland toffee bars
  23. 1x Blue raspberry popping candy
  24. 1x Strawberry popping candy

This is perfect to give as a gift to a loved one, or to buy for yourself! The box is packed full of treats and makes a really great gift idea for Christmas or a special occasion.

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