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Christmas Sweets & Gifts

Christmas is the best time of the year – fact. Why is this? You get presents, you can eat what you want and you usually get a truck load of sweets and chocolates – which is awesome!

If you are looking for a Christmas gift than a box or jar of sweets is the perfect present, for adults or children alike. Everyone will love a big jar of retro sweets delivered to them over Christmas as it not only tastes super nice but it also brings back all those happy memories they had as a child.

Running round to the corner shop with your pocket money and spending it on a 10p mix was the best time of the week. Trying to choose which sweets would go into the mix and making sure you got your favourites was essential.

One Pound Sweets has a huge range of Christmas gifts and retro sweet gift jars available to buy at our very best prices.

If you are making up a sweet hamper to send to someone over Christmas then we have the best prices on sweets anywhere on the internet. This means you can get 10 or 50 bags of sweets to put into a hamper and you are not going to break the bank.

We also never put up our prices over Christmas like some retailers do and then have “sales” to draw you back in. Our prices are low and low all year round. How can we do this? Well we have excellent relationships with our suppliers – we are buying tonnes of sweets off them so they are pretty happy about it – which means we can get the very best prices and we can then pass these savings on to you.

Christmas is a time for sharing and a time for family and there is nothing better than sitting down after a repeat of Only Fools & Horses and sharing a big bag of retro sweets.

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