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Jars of Sweets

Do you want to buy a full jar of sweets either just to eat or as a present for somebody – well we have a wide range of sweet jars available from just £5.

We here at One Pound Sweets we sell most of our retro sweets in presentation plastic jars which are ideal if you are giving it as a Christmas or birthday present and comes fully branded.

Or you can buy a full jar of sweets to simply sit on your desk at work and you can munch your way through all 3kg of the bad boys without sharing a single one – we really hope you do this!

Our range is affordable and offers great value and works out perfectly if you are looking to buy wholesale or full jars or sweets for a wedding or birthday party. Please send us a message if you have specific requirements as we an offer discount for bulk ordering and even provide you with empty plastic jars to serve the sweets out of or we can help you find them.

Why not make someones day and give them a 3kg bag of goodies.

We have a large range of sweet jars which grow during the seasons – at Christmas for example we have a bigger range of sweet jars as we bring out more gift ideas.

We stock a range of branded jars of sweets such as chocolate nibbles, cherry lips and Walker’s toffee, along with our range of sweet jars we make in house.

The cookie jar range is especially popular around Christmas time as they are priced at just £5 each with makes them a great stocking filler idea for kids and grown ups too. They are also great for secret Santa gifts as you can get your work colleagues a small jar of sweets from within the £5 or £10 budget you may have.

There are literally hundreds of jars of sweets available to buy from many different suppliers, so we can of course not stock them all, however we think we have a great range of sweet jars which will suit kids and grown ups and have a purpose for any occasion. Whether it be for a birthday present, Christmas gift or if you simply want to munch on a whole 3kg jar of chocolate nibbles yourself (why the hell not you look fabulous and have worked really hard so you deserve a treat, don’t listen to the haters get stuck in to those nibbles and go girl!)

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